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I would like to pay my tribute to Saroj Khan. Born Nirmala Nagpal, Saroj Khan was one of the most prominent dance choreographers in Hindi cinema, adding value to more than 2,000 films. She started acting as a child artiste at the age of three years. Her married life was complicated, being wed to a married film choreographer, B Sohanlal, in the early 1960s at the age of 13 years. She had three children (Source – Wikipedia).

Birth Details

  • 22/11/1948, 0400 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Leo 01-17-50 has Saturn 12-27-06 (Enemy) – Hard work throughout life along with leadership skills


  • 3rd house of Libra has Mercury 24-30-21, Venus 01-38-58 (Lord) and Ketu [R] 10-25-35 – Immense auspicious presence of siblings in life


  • 4th house of Scorpion has Sun 06-14-32 – Attached to mother and would have landed property


  • 5th house of Sagittarius has Mars 02-59-18 and Jupiter 08-12-21 (Lord) – Born leader and would be lucky with regards to having intelligent children


  • 9th house of Aries has Rahu [R] 10-25-35 – Sudden and unexpected success in life


  • 12th house of Cancer has Moon 08-37-12 (Lord) – Worrying nature but would travel a lot and would be interested in spirituality



  • MAR – MAR till 7/10/20 – She became ill during her 12th house Moon mahadasha owing to stress and her worrying nature. She lasted the entire period in forced semi-retired life because her Moon was in its lord house. She passed away at the fag end of her 12th house Moon mahadasha or immediately after the end of her 12th house Moon mahadasha (different software would give 2-3 months’ variation).

Additional Analysis

  • Having three planets in their lord house (Venus, Jupiter and Moon) ensured she was blessed all her life with luck, name and fame. Her Moon in the 12th house made her retire at the age of 60 years owing to stress-related ailments but due to its being in its lord house, she lived through the period and was taken away right at the end of her Moon mahadasha and start of her fiery Mars mahadasha.
  • Marriage issues are seen due to empty 6/7 and 8th houses but blessed with children who would give her happiness and support due to Jupiter placed extremely auspicious in her 5th house, being its lord house.
  • She worked and struggled all her life due to her enemy positioned Saturn in her lagna house and was also prone to stress related issues from her profession.
  • I can say that she lived a full life to the fullest and passed away a satisfied soul due to her auspiciously placed Moon in the 12th house though would have been prone to worrying and stress.

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