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I had this in mind since start of 2021 but an incident today morning was like a bulb flashing in my head and I thought, I should write down what is on my mind and then share it with you all.

In India, Venus retrogrades from December 18, 2021, to January 28, 2022, and then Mercury retrogrades from January 29, 2022 to February 20, 2022. So it’s already time that we tightened our seat belts. If you have noticed there is increased confusion already due to the COVID 19 – omicron variant and in general people all over the world are worried. This as two major planets Venus and then Mercury go retrograde one after the other, with Venus already in retrograde motion from December 18th , 2021 to January 28th , 2022.

Hence the slowdown stated around December 10th , 2021 onwards. This Christmas and new year and would be a slow and the boring sort and there would be all these restrictions related to omicron and other kinds of chaos, confusion. Generally, governments would not be able to keep their citizens happy.

Additionally, Venus is directly related with ones love life too, so the hit is more personal. If you’re planning to start a romantic liaison or if you are in love with somebody then this time will really test you and your relationship. Of course, a lot depends upon the placement of Venus in your lagna charts but when Venus goes retrograde it does have a stressful impact on peoples relationships and married lives.

Additionally, Venus is also related to ones looks or physical attributes and material enjoyments. So, people may not be able to enjoy themselves, there will be obstacles on the way, or they would just be unhappy from inside. Christmas and new year parties could be cancelled.

As mentioned, though I knew about the Venus and the Mercury retrogrades for some time now and I had anticipated that there could be this third wave in India during this time, but I was just keeping quiet about it because I had reassured myself that basically COVID is long term and related to our collective karma. What alarmed me this morning was when the domestic help, who had taken yesterday off, came in and her face on one side was badly scarred. I was shocked by it and I asked her what had happened and she said that she had been in a motorcycle accident, basically, her husband was riding the vehicle and she suffered a drop in her blood pressure and collapsed and got hurt by the pavement hitting her face. I first gave her some money and told her to rest till Monday, she already had seen a doctor. She had been lucky and escaped with minor scrapes but imagine somebody having scrape marks on their face. Then I thought, no wonder Venus is retrograde right now, so these kinds of things could happen. Rest as I said, it depends on your individual charts but one has to be careful.

Additionally, for example, people in the film/ movie/show business, where planet Venus (and Mercury) play a major and auspicious role, would go through rough times – movies and movie business would suffer, as would the lives of people in show business; if any of them are planning any cosmetic surgery this is not the time to plan for it. Also not the right time for movie releases.

The double whammy is that right after Venus goes direct on January 28th , 2022, Mercury then goes retrograde till February 20th , 2022. With Mercury retrograde, all kinds of communication go haywire, so there would be chaos and the general public would be worried due to miscommunication or rumours and this in context with fake news /content on social media makes it nerve wracking. Mercury is the planet of communication, sophistication, business deals, business travel; so when it is retrograde miscommunication will happen and it could be either written or verbal; so if you’re planning to take up a new job or sign a new contract or give a commitment, or go on a business tour or even on a private visit, then this is not the right time and specially with the combination of Venus and Mercury, giving a commitment to your partner or the love of your life or even your business associate may back fire, so please hold on till March 2022, because after March things will be much better.

My advice right now is taking precautions, do not indulge in outward material enjoyments. This is the time for inward reflection, contemplation, meditation, spiritual growth, reading good content, good books and also just not making any expensive purchases. Keep things as is.



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