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There has to be a strong celestial hand behind Rajiv Hariom Bhatia a struggling chef and martial arts expert becoming on of India’s top celebrities Akshay Kumar.

Let us take a look at his chart.

Birth Details (unconfirmed)

  • 9/9/1967, 1205 Hours, Amritsar – Punjab

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Scorpion 06-56-26 has Mars 06-06-07 – Excellent for life of luxuries, positivity, good luck and professional and personal success as Mars in lord house that being the lagna house. Would give him he has military like leadership and self discipline.
  • 5th house of Pisces has Saturn(R) – Struggle in life and profession, including lots of hard work and stress and also rejections and dejections but due to other auspicious planets/houses and this auspicious 5th house would be able to overcome adversities.
  • 6th house of Aries has Rahu (R) 06-36-31 – Would have a strong mind of his own and would be willing to challenge anyone who does not adhere to him/his disciplined ways. Can be very strict and rigid with slackers to the extent of keeping them at a distance.
  • 9th house of Cancer has Jupiter 28-55-58 – Jupiter is exalted. Super excellent and he would shine in his career and be very lucky, whatever he touches would turn into gold, would have very intelligent children, would be very lucky in legal matters and also his exalted Jupiter would make him wise much beyond his age and he would have a guru like following of people willing to take his wise advise.
  • 10th house of Leo has Sun 22-30-19 and Venus( R) 06-41-35 – Excellent for wealth and also fearlessness and strength of character that would take him places as Sun in lord house. His retrograde Venus would have impacted the health of his father and also makes him the non partying sort and aloof to a certain extent – except for charity and business. Would contribute a lot of money to the needy.
  • 11th house of Virgo has Mercury 05-53-42 – Mercury being exalted would make him super duper famous throughout the world and also he would live a life of material luxury and be of refined character and taste. He would also be sophisticated in his outlook towards life and have all the latest modern gadgets and luxuries that money can buy.
  • 12th house of Libra has Moon 28-14-57 and Ketu(R) 06-36–31 – Thee is an enormous cosmic save as Moon being at an advanced angle of 28 plus degrees has the slip on effect into the lagna house and gives him mental strength and also closeness with mother and all the domestic comforts of home. Also he would be very successful in a place close to water (Mumbai!). This placement also makes him sensitive to the need of others. His Ketu would make him spiritual and also have close links with foriegn countries and even work there but his heart would be where is real home is (India).

Dasha periods in his life and its interpretation.

  • Jupiter from 9/ 9/67 to 16/10/73 – Born into an excellent family and very good initial childhood years.
  • Saturn from 16/10/73 to 16/10/92 – This was the tough period for his family and from the age of 7 years he also had to undergo stressful circumstances but all that made him stronger and he tried his hands at various ventures but without much success. But despite the hard work,humiliation and failures, his never say die spirit kept him going at full throttle.
  • Mercury from 16/10/92 to 16/10/09 –This is the period that made him Akshay Kumar and set in motion a momentum that was/is difficult to stop for his entire life. That is how benefic his exalted Mercury is. He had multiple flings and alo got married during this time. Had children too.
  • Ketu from 16/10/09 to 16/10/16 – Focussing on foreign productions and foreign lands, in addition to production of movies in India, he gradually expanded his base worldwide.
  • Venus from 16/10/16 to 16/10/36 – Money ,money,money all the way for him but no enjoyments, infct total military like focus on his health and a disciplined lifestyle. This is his present mahdasha. Would be involved in a lot of charities too. After 2030 he could have to deal with a health issue but would nip it in the bud with his strong willpower and disciplined lifestyle.
  • Sun from 16/10/36 to 16/10/42 – This is again a super excellent period for him where he would continue to rake in a lot of money and even branch out to other business areas. It looks like the Sun would never set on Akki dada!
  • Moon from 16/10/42 to 16/10/52 – Would be living a relaxed and peaceful life and shuffling between his homes in multiple countries in his own plane. Some nagging health issue would need attention.
  • Mars from 16/10/52 to 16/10/59 – Again an excellent time when he would be enjoying the fruits of his labour and would be happy to see his children established well in life.

Additional Comments

  • Shows how powerful benefic planets – two exalted (Jupiter and Mercury) and two in their lord houses (Sun and Mars) can help one overcome challenging planets with a smile on the face even with retrograde Saturn and Venus.
  • Akshay’s chart is the perfect example where with luck/planets/good karma, one works hard, never gives up and turns his life from an unknown person to one of India’s most popular celebrities on account of his own struggle or a self made man.
  • He is extremely lucky as his planets would keep him in good stead regardless of what adversities or challenges he faces. He shall overcome them and emerge on top.

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