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Rapping is the IN things these days and I think that one needs to have a sensitive soul that is impacted by the events in their life and powerful and auspicious planets that makes one positively channelized their emotions and/or frustrations into a rap song. One surely need to have Venus auspiciously placed in their chart along with powerful 9th, 10th and 11th houses for enjoyments, money and fame. Some controversy is always part of the mix and only add to the bad boy/girl image and hence some major planet being placed in an evil house helps but not too many lest the person goes out of control too. Life is a delicate balance after all.

Let me take this opportunity to analyse the chart of rapper Badshah as a case study. There is some discrepancy as to regards his birth details (year and time) and I did my own study of the available data and the below are his astrologically accurate birth details, as per my humble opinion.

Birth Details

19/11/1984, 1300 Hours, New Delhi (Determined)

Lagna Chart

ASC Aquarius 06-03-25 – Excellent and makes him adventurous and a risk taker who enjoys life.

4th house of Taurus has Rahu [R] 03-45-47 – Excellent and would give him sudden and unexpected wealth, fame and blessings of mother, this is his present mahadasha and it made him famous and wealthy.

8th house of Virgo has Moon 13-39-11 – Emotional and sensitive to surroundings and he was born in this dasha and had tough early years that made him frustrated and this is channelized into songs/music/rap; without inner sufferings one cannot become a genuine artiste, is what I believe in.

9th house of Libra has Saturn 26-24-47 (Exalted) – Would excel in his profession and his hard work would give him huge rewards and only make him a force to be reckoned with age (like fine wine).

10th house of Scorpion has Sun 03-31-27, Mercury 03-31-27 and Ketu [R] 03-45-47 – Courage, wealth, sophistication, life of luxury, and a certain amount of disdain for wealth with a care a damn attitude.

11th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter (Lord House) and 18-33-24 Venus 12-45-54 – Fame at his feet, healthy children, enjoyments and travelling the world and a fast life and a spouse (who I hope is his emotional rock).

12th house of Capricorn has Mars 09-01-40 (Exalted) – Travel the world and have fun, polite and can work in teams but is the quiet sort who likes solitude too.

Dashas since birth

MON from 19/11/84 till 23/ 2/92 – Tough time

MAR -7 Years 23/ 2/92 – 23/ 2/99 – Slightly better time and would have tried his hands at various things and destiny settled him on doing music and songs due to his exalted Mars. The efforts during this time were to be recouped from his next dasha onwards.

RAH -18 Years 23/ 2/99 – 23/ 2/17 – This is when he became famous and started to make his millions and maybe even billion and established himself.

JUP -16 Years 23/ 2/17 – 23/ 2/33 – Excellent time and would be at the top of his game and touch the peak of fame and popularity.

Additional Comments

I hope he feeds stray animals as there is a disbalance in his chart and at times there could be too much work pressure in him and this would sometimes be unbearable and cause stress related ailments.

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