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Birth Time

  • 30/4/1987, 1245 Hours, Nagpur (Birth Time determined using rectification method)

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Cancer 25-24-48 – EXCELLENT
  • 3rd house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 16-29-40 – VERY GOOD
  • 5th house of Scorpion has Saturn [R] 26-45-49 – GOOD
  • 9th house of Pisces has Jupiter 20-19-18 (LORD), Venus 15-32-11 (EXALTED) and Rahu [R] 16-29-40 – 7 STAR HOUSE
  • 10th house of Aries has Sun 15-45-09 (EXALTED) and Mercury 07-38-50 – 7 STAR HOUSE
  • 11th house of Taurus has Moon 11-45-56 (EXALTED)and Mars 22-40-35 – 7 STAR HOUSE



  • RAH – MAR till 4/ 1/21 – Excellent time and would rise to unimagined heights of fame, fortune and success. He would be able to maneuver all the twists and turns that Rahu throws his way and turn them to his advantage thanks to his powerful chart. The pinnacle of professional success, such as captaincy of the Indian team in all formats of the game, may be just out of reach owing to his Saturn. However, his exalted/lord house planets will take him very close. He could even achieve captaincy, given a lot of hard work and remedies for his Saturn.


  • JUP for 16 years from 4/ 1/21 till 4/ 1/37 – Starting from this time, his hard work would bring him enormous success in all spheres of his life. Chances of him becoming captain are also very high at the very onset of his Jupiter period (if not earlier) due to Jupiter being in its lord house. However, he will always need to do remedies for his Saturn, which has delayed his attaining the pinnacle of professional success.


  • This chart had Venus, Sun and Moon in exaltation depicting a life of comforts, riches, material success, name, fame, and a personality that makes him a born leader.
  • It also has Jupiter in the lord house depicting extreme luck in all spheres of life. It is the icing on the cake. He has been a lucky person since birth.
  • On the basis of his hard work and struggle, success would come in his profession, though after a little delay, due to his Saturn.
  • The good thing is that he would put in the right amount of hard work as his Saturn, though in enemy position, is in an auspicious house. However, it could sometimes make him lazy.
  • Additionally, his present Rahu mahadasha has taken him to dizzying heights of fame, wealth and success and his next lord house Jupiter mahadasha would be even better for him, consolidating his position as a stalwart of Indian cricket. He can be the next captain of the Indian cricket team.
  • Things would only get better for him in all aspects of his life going forward.
  • His is such a chart that he would have benefic impact of all the people with whom he comes in touch – this means that his near and dear ones would benefit due to his extremely auspicious chart.
  • The position of Saturn in the chart of his wife would be interesting to note!

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  1. Krishnendu

    Sir his d.o.b :- 30.04.1987

  2. admin

    Thanks the chart reading has been redone with the corrected DOB.

  3. Gaurav Kothari

    Sir, can you please do my chart reading? Don: 7,aug,1990. Time 12.45. Jalgaon Maharashtra.

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